1. Why you think it's important to go green as a family or as an individual. Include a discussion on the role of green technology and hybrid cars in helping your family to go green. I've been a green person for a long time already. I created the blog thinking about that concept. I think we are all connected, and I am talking about everything that coexists on this planet. If we don’t think with a green mentality we are going to perish as a civilization. The earth is being here more than us and it’s going to change it doesn’t matter if the change is radical. So what can we do for our own species? 2. Do you think Latinos are much aware about green technology in cars? Cars! Yes, cars. I feel intimidated when I’m driving and I see moms driving huge SUV’s. Do they think about their kids? About the planet they are going to inherit? I always talk about green technology as the first step of a long path we need to walk to have a healthy relationship with planet earth. I was driving the other day thinking “ Dahhh, the sun is there” come on we should take advantage of it! When I’m with friends, that are Latinos like me, we always discuss this matter. In Latino America the bigger the better, but when you start a conversation and you educate people, they change their point of view. 3. Would you consider buying a hybrid car? Yes but in order to buy one I think manufacturers need to stop selling huge cars so I feel safe on the roads 4. What do you think are the advantages/disadvantages of owning a hybrid car? Money and peace of mind. What a great match.