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La mayoría de las veces que he celebrado thanksgiving lo he hecho en casas “Mix” . Con latinos y americanos. Nunca falta el pavo , pero al lado, el cochino o cerdo tradicional navideño siempre lo acompaña. Tambien el Pernil hace de las suyas!.

Como sea que se celebre te doy una guía de cómo hacer que este Día de Acción de Gracias o las fiestas decembrinas sean días de menos excesos . 

1.Un solo carro: si celebras en familia , tomen uno o dos carros. Gastarás menos gasolina y además podrán ir en el carro recordando fiestas pasadas, peleas pasadas, y agradeciéndole a la vida el estar vivos.

2. Decora con verde: puedes conseguir a muy buen precio , arbustos u hojas secas. Deja el plástico tranquilo. También puedes hacer un buen centro de mesa con frutas que después comerás.

3. Compra el vino con el corcho de verdad: muy poca gente sabe que el corcho de plástico es plástico, cómpralo con el tradicional. Es reciclable además de que el vino sabe mejor cuando esta con su corcho original.

4.Trata de comer mas Light: esta es la época en que la gente empieza a engordar como si no pudieran comer más. En vez de tener tres o cuatro tipos de carne,sólo come de un tipo , haz una noche mas vegetariana. Incluye ensalada , vegetales asados, y el tradicional sweet potato a lo vegetariano, sin añadirle leche. De esta forma comerás sin remordimiento. El jueves te voy a dar ideas de menú.

5. Ve al thrift shop: antes de vivir en este país nunca se me hubiese ocurrido ir a uno de estos lugares. Consigues cosas que nunca habías pensado. Si te hace falta algo para la cocina, tipo un envase para el gravy, ve a una tienda y te aseguro gastaras un dólar y tendrás una pieza nueva para tu vajilla.

6. Ilumina con velas: no hay nada mas bello que un día de Acción de Gracias iluminado con velas. Apaga mas luces este año y emociónate con la luz de la vela.

7. Donar la grasa de tu pavo: que maravilla! Puedes donar lo que te sobre para que lo usen en la industria de “Bio fuel: o combustible verde métete en este link para que veas de que se trata http://www.allbusiness.com/energy-utilities/renewable-energy-biomass/12707037-1.html

8. Dona un pavo o se voluntario en algún lugar donde dan comida: no todo el mundo tiene para celebrar este día. Haz el bien. Dona tu tiempo por unas horas Te aseguro que el universo te lo devolverá en miles de bendiciones.

Green Thanksgiving

Here are 9 tips to make Thanksgiving as eco-friendly as possible.
Stay close to home, or take the train – Thanksgiving is traditionally a time when airports and highways are jam-packed with travelers trying to make it to Grandma’s house. Why not skip the headaches and save some carbon by sticking close to home? Make a new tradition with your friends and family that live in your area. Or, if you must travel, consider taking the train – it’s far better on the environment than air travel or personal vehicles.
Keep it simple
 – Don’t feel like you have to amaze your friends and family with a gourmet magazine-worthy spread rife with exotic ingredients flown in from around the world.  Nor is it necessary to provide a 6-course spread with choice of 14 side dishes. Most people aren’t looking for novel culinary fare on a day like this – they’ll be happy with traditional dishes that celebrate the bounty of the local harvest. Keeping it simple will also reduce the amount of electricity you use while cooking, which can be considerable on this holiday.
Buy local – Many of the veggies you need for your side dishes probably grow within 100 miles of your home. Check out your local farmer’s market for fall goodies like squash, greens, potatoes, yams, pumpkins and evergreen herbs like rosemary and sage. And don’t forget to check your local free-range farms for that centerpiece of the Thanksgiving piece, the turkey (unless you’re vegetarian, of course…).
Go vegetarian – If you’ve been thinking about trying out a vegetarian diet, Thanksgiving is actually a great time to do it. You’ll be amazed at how many options there are – you won’t even miss the turkey. Livestock put a huge strain on the planet, and factory farms do abominable things to those poor little animals before they end up on your plate. Check out vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes and meal ideas atVegWeb.com and The Veggie Table.
Serve organic beverages – Pick up some local libations if you’ve got nearby breweries and wineries, especially if you have guests coming into town – it’s a great way to show off regional specialties. If you don’t live near any craft beer or wine producers, pick up a few bottles of organic brew – there are dozens of varieties available at most health-food stores.
Use what you have
 – This is one of the easiest, cheapest ways to go green any day of the year, and it works on Thanksgiving, too. You don’t need fancy dishware – your regular tableware will do just fine. If you’re the Martha Stewart type and feel like everything must match perfectly, consider renting tableware, chairs and linens – it costs less than buying new.
Get extras at the thrift store – If you’re in need of a gravy boat, a vase for that organic bouquet centerpiece, a few extra glasses or a table runner, check your local thrift and consignment stores. Consignment stores in particular tend to stock up on things they think will be in demand during certain times of the year, so you might be surprise at the selection. It’s always better to buy secondhand!
Decorate with natural materials – There’s absolutely no reason to run out to the mall and purchase a bunch of Thanksgiving-themed junk that was made in China and will fall apart by next year. Skip the cheesy seasonal décor and take a cue from nature.  Many people like to place pinecones in a bowl or basket as a centerpiece, or wind a string of white lights around some branches in a planter or tall vase. You could also purchase a living plant that can go into the garden next spring, or pick up a bouquet or organic blooms from your local independent florist.
Illuminate your home with beeswax or soy candles – No need to turn on every light in the house for your guests. Create a romantic atmosphere without adding to your electricity bill by placing beeswax or soy candles around your home. Avoid paraffin candles, though – they’re made from petroleum and emit nasty fumes into the air.

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